About This Project

In March 2018, the team I was working with planned an offsite social outing to Disneyland. There were about 70 of us and the format of the day was that we would all be split into several teams of about 6 people per team. Realizing that we’d all be split up for the whole day, I wanted to devise a way that we could all stay connected throughout the day and have something to talk about when we regrouped at the end. One thing I knew for sure, at the moment, photo sharing is the most popular way that people (users) like to communicate and share with – after all, a photograph is worth 1,000 words right? But there aren’t any easy to use, out of the box, free group photosharing options, and considering our trip was only a couple days away, I couldn’t just spin up node and code something from scratch… Enter Airtable. I’ve used Airtable a couple times before, but never like this. Using Airtable’s form view, and gallery view, I was able to bootstrap a web app that allowed users to easily take a photo, tag it, and upload it. Afterwards they would be presented with a link¬† (sample gallery)¬†where they could see all the photos that were being uploaded in real time throughout the day. The team absolutely loved it!

Bootstrap, Web Apps